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A power transmission device includes: a gear a case receiving the gear and a baffle plate positioned between the gear and the case the baffle plate including a guide portion arranged to guide an oil scooped up by the gear into between the baffle plate and the case and the guide portion being disposed above an oil level within the case the guide portion being adjacent to an axial side In a hydraulic power transmission system for driving a propellable and brakable unit variable capacity pump having an inlet communi- cative with a low pressure section of said sYstem and an ourlet connected with a high pressure section of such system a hydraulic motor driv- ingly connected with said unit said mofor hav- ing an inlet

Corrosion Inspection of Power Transmission

Corrosion of structures in electric power transmission and distribution lines is a primary cause of in-service equipment degradation When a power transmission structure corrodes to the point where it starts experiencing structural corrosion and material loss the risk mitigation practices cannot be effectively applied and the structure repair/replacement remains as the only viable option

Full text of US Patent 2600108: Power takeoff assignor to The Transmission Gear Comp ny Dearborn YIich a corporation of Michigan Application January 12 1950 serial No 138 109 1 Cl im (CI 74--15 8) 1 This invention relates in general to a power Cake-off far self-propelled vehicles in which the engne of the vehicte furnishes

A transmission for a motor vehicle having an input shaft an output shaft first second and third planetary gear sets a plurality of shift elements and an electric machine arranged axially parallel to the input shaft and operatively connected to the input shaft with a constant transmission ratio via a spur gear drive or a flexible traction drive mechanism

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2019-7-12US Shift Transmission Control System protected by US Patent #10 100 922 WARRANTY Baumann Electronic Controls LLC is dedicated to producing the highest quality products available in the industry and is committed to customer satisfaction Because we have no control over the circumstances under which our products are used we can

George Constantinesco: Inertial Transmission (US

2020-4-19In my prior US Patent # 1 542 668 a power transmission device is described in which reciprocating motion derived from a prime mover is divided between an oscillating mass and reciprocating devices which give unidirectional motion to a rotor the oscillations or reciprocations of all the parts being of the same frequency

2019-6-13From patent application WO2011127967A1 there is known a method and apparatus for determining the time of arrival of fault wave at a measurement point of power transmission system The method is useful for localization a faulted place in transmission lines which is a homogeneous line

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The linkage (2) comprises an oblong power transmission section (8) and two coupling elements (4 6) which are provided on the ends of the oblong power transmission section (8) in each case The oblong power transmission section (8) along its longitudinal direction has a recess section (10) and at least one linear section (12 14) adjoining it

power and data transmission [Zierhofer and Hochmair 1990 Troyk and Schwan 1992] However to increase the efficiency during power transmission coils with larger quality factor (Q) are required therefore leading to narrower bandwidth While for the data transmission larger band-width would be an advantage presenting a contradictory

US382280A US382280DA US382280A US 382280 A US382280 A US 382280A US 382280D A US382280D A US 382280DA US 382280 A US382280 A US 382280A Authority US United States Prior art keywords motor coils armature generator poles Prior art date 1888-05-01 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion

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2020-2-15It is also understood that Tesla planned to include stationary resonant wave creation as part of the wireless transmission of power Examining the pair of 1900 patents #645 576 and #649 621 each using the same figure on the first page we find in the first patent that Tesla has

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A power transmission apparatus includes a first meshing engagement mechanism that selectively couples a first rotational section and a second rotational section and a second meshing engagement mechanism that selectively couples a third rotational section and a fourth rotational section The first meshing engagement mechanism includes a first movable member provided with third meshing teeth

2020-8-93 1 Wireless power transmission experiments The principles of wireless power transmission as considered for SPS and other applications has already been demonstrated for both technologies: RF and laser systems 3 1 1 Microwave-based experiments Microwave-based experiments have demonstrated so far the possibility to supply power to e g he-

2020-8-17The increased performance of HTS power cables will enable utilities to upgrade power density by 2 to 8 times in existing power corridors because HTS cables transmit power with essentially no electrical resistance Currently 7 - 10% of the electricity generated in the U S is lost because of the resistance inherent in conventional copper cables

2016-2-19C Section Views Sometimes it is necessary to show the internal parts and components of a device To do that a section view is often used The section view is taken along a plane that intersects the device/object Figure 5 of the '282 patent provides a section view of the interlocked blocks from figure 4

In a hydraulic power transmission system for driving a propellable and brakable unit variable capacity pump having an inlet communi- cative with a low pressure section of said sYstem and an ourlet connected with a high pressure section of such system a hydraulic motor driv- ingly connected with said unit said mofor hav- ing an inlet